Hello World Commodore 64
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Do you remember the old commodore 64? So long ago it existed it was the de facto standard before IBM, Microsoft and others blitz'd the competition, into oblivion. The video above this is an interesting mashup of that same system, prepare for the beats and enjoy the sounds!

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sims2 University Damn Bugs

Recently picked up the sims2 university, expansion pack and started messing with just to see how many errors could be found. Surprisingly there was not many at first, though the journey is ongoing, one thing I noticed in a recent play, that when your house is robbed by the bungler and you become there friend, after you have taken some classes at the University and received the reward of the plant, you can starve the plant so that the cake is outside, and after inviting your enemy er friend, you can go ahead and let them have the cake. Of course for any one who has played this game, you know when the cake is out the plant is going to eat whomever tries and take it. So here goes your enemy trying to get the cake and then being eaten, seems pretty straightforward until you see the ghost. In the recent event, the ghost made an appearance but just as a ball seemingly stuck under the computer desk where it remains until you sell the gravestone. So its funny but rather annoying besides. There is more to come with more playing.

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