Hello World Commodore 64
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Do you remember the old commodore 64? So long ago it existed it was the de facto standard before IBM, Microsoft and others blitz'd the competition, into oblivion. The video above this is an interesting mashup of that same system, prepare for the beats and enjoy the sounds!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Age Of Empires: The Conquerors

As I review ps2gamebugs it becomes clear that there was a slight mixture of one over the other so instead I will move the AoE II to this blog where it can be made more interesting.

Seems this is a pretty stable game, as it has been out for sometime. And most if any bugs surely have been found in early revisions. You never know though what you can find if you keep exploring.

Sims2 and its Wacky Bugs

A fun game, and a long held franchise. Another one of EAs many buggy programs that are out on the market. Here we will explore some of the insanity that Sims The Franchise offers the interested gamer.

Found an interesting one just the other day, as I was playing sims2 season, at 1280x1024 using a radeon x1300 with 512mb of ram and Win Xp x64. Apparently for some reason after it snows everything turned blue. And besides that annoyance that is the penguin was like walking sideways forward like it could not go forward only sideways. That was fun.

And the story continues, I decided to give in and buy seasons expansion pack just to see if it was worthwhile or not. Surely I was in for a surprise with this Sims2, it works fine for awhile, but as it is personalised it becomes more interesting. Seemed pretty stable until I went and tried the Happy Holidays Stuff Pack. I downloaded the crazy mustang from the custom content page, and then an update to sims2 became available. Supposedly it was supposed to fix some of the bugs in sims2, malfunctions that until now I had not seen.

So I download the driveways and the garage, throw the mustang in there after I "updated" sims2 playing along just fine until I decide to go for a spin in the Mustange, at which point, lo and behold a bug made its appearance, For some reason after the update when I go to drive the car the pixelation, instead of going into the car, stands on the side of it as it drives out of the driveway and upon returning oh boy more fun, he could not get out it was stuck. Fun huh, and more to come on the updates.

Sims2 and seasons with the stuff pack, I am playing along having a good time. Got the love tub all setup and just having fun messing with it. Everything seems fine woohoo a few times and try for a baby a few times. And then once both out of the tub, considering it was winter at the time almost immediately the choice comes up to freeze, though moments earlier the temperature was fine, so I go ahead warm her up using a hair dryer no less, she gets up for a second and then freezes again. Fun fun fun, eventually I solved it by warming the character up and then having the character run inside and take a shower. The wonders of a game and its bugs, and it only gets better from here.

Still searching bugs make things fun.