Hello World Commodore 64
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Do you remember the old commodore 64? So long ago it existed it was the de facto standard before IBM, Microsoft and others blitz'd the competition, into oblivion. The video above this is an interesting mashup of that same system, prepare for the beats and enjoy the sounds!

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

As it Continues

Been sometime certainly since a line been dropped here. Been an ongoing process playing out the sims2 and finding all the bugs. :) There is certainly no shortage of them. When EA Games put the base game on the market there must of been many many more issues then, in comparison to now. And to think they just released the Sims2 FreeTime Expansion. I have not had the opportunity to try that out although I would like to. Just to see how it is played and if there are other issues that may appear. Overall the game is good but just as with my domain it seems a game is also under constant revision. To say the least, as many of them as are sold the money still keeps rolling in.

Onto the latest bugs found:
  • When you build a foundation with any angle for some reason the sims will get stuck there as if there is a wall ... and the only way to get them out is to have them walk elsewhere away from the corner.
  • When using some of the custom vehicles such as the sedan with the paintjob I have found there is some issue whereby an error message pops up asking you to retry, cancel or delete. May have something to do with the change owner option. I am still investigating that one.
  • When travelling to the Community lot in your vehicle, there is nobody in the driver side of the vehicle. Funny as hell, until of course you get to the community lot at which time by some miracle the sim is out and walks in.
  • When having twins sometimes when there birthday is on the same day the sims keep wanting to help with birthday but they do nothing until about 6:30a sim time. And they keep wanting to help with birthday. Seems like a messed up loop.
  • When you attempt to disable custom content from the prompt you still have the custom content. So perhaps the disable option is not working. Also it would be nice to able to selectively choose which content you want enabled and which content you do not want enabled.
All I have found for now. Will expand later.