Hello World Commodore 64
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Do you remember the old commodore 64? So long ago it existed it was the de facto standard before IBM, Microsoft and others blitz'd the competition, into oblivion. The video above this is an interesting mashup of that same system, prepare for the beats and enjoy the sounds!

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Friday, February 8, 2008

More to The Story

Sims2 Nightlife expansion:

After messing with the seasons for a bit I decided to step it up to nightlife, just to see some of the possibilities that open up. Thus far the program seems to run faster and less bugs, surely it is not without its own. As we mess with this game we shall see how many bugs can be found.

Another fun bit of crap from sims2 nightlife ... how exactly is it that if you build a foundation with an angle for some odd reason these pixelations get stuck in it? As if there is a wall ... and you have to direct them in a different way to get them to go where you expected them too. Apparently with the last update this bug still remains. Annoying as it can be, the solution place some trees on the angles. Or if you are just feeling psychotic ... let them sit there like idiots and speed up to three and watch them die. Satisfaction Guaranteed. We shall see how many other bugs can be found as the game is continually plays.

If you have found any bugs yourself comment and will see if we can get together a great collection and how to enjoy the awareness of it all.

Any bugs you have found leave them in the comments.